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Is ultius.com a fake site ? Is ultius.com legit and trustworthy ?
Ultius is a site that lets freelance writers choose academic writing assignments from a job board.  The job is flexible and can be done from anywhere with internet access.  The only time constraint is that once a writing  assignment is accepted- it must be completed by the deadline. However, there are some concerns about this type of work as you will see further into the review of Ultius.
As soon as you visit the site, you have an attractive banner which offers you to watch the video. We should admit, that the video is quite good, you can understand whether you need this service or not during several minutes. At the home page there is only the most important information – nothing extra. If you want to know more you can follow different other pages. This service offers the customers academic writing, which includes essays, research papers and dissertations etc.; editing services and business services that include resume writing, CV, cover letter, business plan, college admissions etc. Moreover you can become familiar with the samples of their works. It seems like great, isn’t it?

Price policy
Here, there a fly in the ointment comes – the starting price is $20 per page – you agree that you can find cheaper service, don’t you? No the other hand, the service doesn’t deal with college papers or high school, the lowest academic level is undergraduate. So, you pay $20 per page for an undergraduate essay with 10+ deadline. If you want a Master’s essay writing with the minimum deadline of 2 months you will need to pay $22. For the urgently written paper, that is 12 hours deadline for a Master’s essay you need to pay $50, undergraduate paper will cost to you $45 per page with 8 hour minimum deadline.

Order details
Nothing is mentioned about discount systems or how to get a discount code – however there is a field for it in the order form. No other details until you are the registered customer of the service.
Quality of writing and support
Show Me the Money
The pay is pretty good.  Most assignments pay $10 to $19 per page and payment is made every two weeks via PayPal.
Special Requirements
Also with the standard requirements of Microsoft Word, a computer, and internet connection, writers are required to have a mobile phone, and a 4 year degree is highly preferred.  This is due to the fact that the assignments are academic in nature.

Ultius Application
The application process appears easy enough with standard information required along with 2 academic writing samples.
Ultius’s big claim is an excellent working environment.  Some chatter on the net seems to allude to a young management group, and maybe editors that are actually undergrads.  This isn’t necessarily an issue, but it appears to have left a bad taste in the mouths of some of their older writers.  Most of them seem willing to deal with it for the money however, with some even stating that it “pays the bills.”
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The website includes a link to the company’s reviews on, and indeed there are some great reviews there.  What is troubling however, is that the poor reviews are not related to the idea that this is a scam company, that it is hard to work for, or that they do not pay.
They appear to be relatively easy to work for and pay well.
Ultius have a great team of writers, with academic qualification, skills and experience in academic writing. They are trying not to write the paper, but to understand the dynamics of the work in order to create an excellent and unique writing. This proves that Ultius is not a scam, it is reliable and trustworthy company, responsible for their work. This year Ultius offers a lot of benefits to their customers, do not miss out the oportunity to get them.
Is Ultius Legal?
The problem lies in the legal and moral issues of what they do.  It seems that this is a pay for homework site- in at least some cases.  Some of the assignments could actually be students paying others to do their academic work for them.  While this is sketchy in any case, some of these works are in the fields of medicine and law, which is even more disturbing.  Additionally, this is illegal in several states, which throws a whole other kink in the works.
This seems to be a legitimate, well-paying writing site if you meet their qualifications.  However, due to potential legal and moral issues, proceed with caution.
Top Customer Reviews
Grant R. reviewed Ultius on 9/8/2015 via SiteJabber ?
best service i ever used! was a lil skeptic but they pulled through more than once. love this service.
Cynthia M. reviewed Ultius on 8/21/2015 via SiteJabber ?
So far so good! I've used their services twice - my first order was this past weekend and I received an A- on my essay and my current order is still pending completion. The communication with the writers are quick, efficient, and the work completed is top-notch. I've never used a service like this before and I am glad that I found it. In my research, Ultius is high-end in all facets and what made me go with them over the "others" was the fact that they are rated "A" with the BBB... how awesome is that?! Definitely eased my worries.
Tip for consumers: If you happen to like a writer, you can request the same writer! Since their identities are confidential as well as our own confidentiality, you can request them by their "Writer Number" which I'd highly recommend. I tried requesting my 1st writer but s/he was unavailable but was given an equal or even better quality writer. This new writer even tried proving their worth by giving me additional background information about themselves to ease my worries. AWESOME!!
Michael reviewed Ultius on 8/21/2015 via Better Business Bureau® ?
I have utilized Ultius' services for multiple orders, and ALL of them have been more than satisfactory. I was initially relunctant to place an order because I was leary about what I was getting for the money. However, I have been more than pleasantly surprised. The writers have all exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with a writing project. They are professional, responsive, and work with you individually to ensure your order is customized to fit what you need. The final product is definitely worth the price. The writer working on my orders went beyond all of my expectations and even provided assistance with data that wasn't a typical Ultius service. I highly recommend this company.
Mila G. reviewed Ultius on 7/22/2015 via SiteJabber ?
Ok - I read some reviews with the whole late thing BUT I fully believe that it's your paper so if you want to get it on time...CALL THEM! I had a similar situation with them where my writer disappeared, and my paper wasn't reassigned because of a glitch, I noticed something was wrong so I called. My problem was immidetly resolved and I recieved my paper. Logically you are ordering people to do your work so you should give yourself a cushion for error. You can't blame them because what they delivered to me was beyond great! I finally found a place where writers can actually write and I don't feel bad spending my money. My GPA thanks you.
Jacob D. reviewed Ultius on 2/5/2015 via facebook   ?
Good job done.
Gregg C. reviewed Ultius on 5/5/2015 via Better Business Bureau® ?
This business has a great website that is very informative with all the information needed for anyone seeking their writing service. They came through with all they promised and their guarantee to satisfy the customer came through every time in my transactions. They helped me organize 4 book critiques and I will use them in the future without questions. Their employees are very professional and friendly. A+++ in my eyes.

Contact with the Writer
I didn’t manage to contact my writer and ask how the term paper was making progress. If I had such an opportunity, I would have provided instructions for improvements along the way, so my experience would have been much better.
The customer support representatives were available at the time I tried contacting them, but they weren’t able to give me the needed information.

Finished Work
This was not high-quality work. I actually like clear sentences and I prefer simplistic over “smart” language, but the term paper I received looked like it was written by an average high-school student. The arguments were not strong and the sources weren’t accompanied with proper references. The content was so bad that I had to ask for a refund and go to another service to get my paper completed.

Top Writer Reviews
Ultius is also a great place for talented freelance writers, which is why we showcase some of their reviews as well.
Very flexible, I can take orders when its convenient for me, good communication with editors, opportunities for moving into more permanent positions, editors are very understanding when you let them know exactly what's happening with a troublesome order. If you are a serious writer, take the effort to craft your documents with care, and expect respectful treatment, this is a good place to work.
Freelance Writer reviewed Ultius on 7/31/2015 via Glassdoor ?
I work when I want to and take the assignments that interest me. When I have a question or concern, it is answered immediately, politely and with respect by Upper Management. I learn something new every single day, so I'm doing what I love (writing and researching) while obtaining further education. It seems a win/win to me, so far. Work is as an independent contractor, not statutory employee. Being able to establish an anonymous relationship with a client and have the client return as a repeat customer is both lucrative and rewarding.
Ultius.com Reviews reviewed by admin on December 16, 2015 rated 3.6 of 5
Discounts and additional features
Ultius discounts are amazing and unique. All first time and regular customers are granted discounts. The Ultius coupon codes are available to every user. Their discount program is based on their social media platform specifically Face book page. If you “like Ultius.com” you automatically qualify for discounts. The Ultius.com coupon code to enter is GetPapers10 and you pay 10% less. The more you share with your friends on Face Book the more you get to pay lower. Apart from that, this company launches several promotions for customers. The promotions could grant you a 20 % discount if you follow rules and guides accordingly. Additional Ultius.com features include title page, bibliography and revisions.