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ypes of professional activities of the graduate

Industial Kompressors

When the engine is started for the first time, the engine is switched on in accordance with the "star" scheme.

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The purpose of aspiration is to localize the allocation of harmfulness, i.e. Do not allow the receipt of harmful substances from the source of formation of hazards during the technological process into the air of working premises.

The research conducted by the staff of the medical faculty can be combined in three directions:
- Saving and restorative technologies for obstetrics, abdominal pathology, bone and joint injuries, diseases of the orofacial area, eyes. Application of methods of ultrasonic diagnostics, echo and elastography in early diagnosis of diseases.

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The main goal of the research work is to prepare the undergraduate student for independent research work, the main result of which is the writing and successful protection of the WRC. In the process of performing research assignments, the master student must learn:

Sowing for an research on history

Sowing for an essay on history, the first thing to decide on the topic. It is possible that the teacher has already given you a topic that did not suit your liking, for which you do not want to write anything.